"Geometry Traces & Journey Lines" AXRT Gallery | Avellino, Italy

Hello all!

I am playing summer content catch up and this week, I wanted to share press and photos from my exhibition opening of "Geometry Traces | Journey Lines" at AXRT Contemporary Gallery.  It was a two-person exhibition with Brian Murphy from May 16th to June 16th.

I couldn't have asked for a better opening and it was such an honor to be there with Brian and Anna Dusi, the curator, to celebrate our exhibition with the people of Avellino. The icing on the cake was my cousin from Belgium, Apollonia was able to join me at the opening.

I have always felt very connected to Italy from previous trips there and having learned a little bit of the language throughout the years. It was the first time that I had to do translations for the phone and video interviews and trying to understand feedback at the opening. Fortunately, the feedback was very positive and I knew the adjectives used along with big smiles. The people of Avellino were so warm and welcoming, and the gallery has been wonderful to work with. I will never forget the experience that brought tears of joy!

While I was there and had thought I was finished with all of the paintings, I ended up spending several hours putting the final touches on four of the pieces. 

I didn’t bring any paints with me and so made a trip to the art store and created a make shift studio at the gallery. I wasn’t sure if the store would carry neon paints and although they were a different brand, I was able to complete them and satisfy my OCD detailing. This was the first series that I painted gradients and that I was able to match several mixed colors for touch ups.

Collaborating with another artist was a wonderful and challenging experience. We learned from each other, and we kept our minds and hearts open to each other’s thoughts and processes.

We sold two pieces on opening night! I couldn’t be happier and feel so grateful that my hard work really paid off.Our paintings are to be included later this year in a couple of exhibitions in Italy also with AXRT Contemporary Gallery.

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